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Sources used by Probiotic Center

Take a look at some of the information used to help create probiotic supplement rankings.




Our rating system is simple. We select some of the most popular probiotic supplements on the market and start each contender off with 5 stars. All contenders have either very positive ratings online or at least no negative ratings in order to qualify. Next, we deduct a 1/2 star for 1 to 10 negative ratings and 1 star for more than 10 and additional star losses for those with 20 or more. All supplements must contain at least 5 billion bacteria per capsule, if not, those offering below 10 billion bacteria per recommended serving may lose a half star and those below a 5 billion bacteria per suggested dose may lose 1 star. Supplements that are not non-dairy may have a half star deducted and those that require refrigeration will lose half a star. Non vegetarian friendly products may also lose half a star. Products or companies under invesigation for false claims will lose ranking percentage point based on the editors discretion.





[10] Pending a functional review submission form, please submit any product reviews to
. Be sure to include your contact, date and full review information.


[12] Vegetarian note: Since there are many types of vegetarian diets, please consult with each manufacturer directly for
specific additive criteria.